A Legacy of Excellence

To determine the quality of something, it must be tested. With over thirty-seven years of experience, Central Contractors has proven time and time again both the value and quality of its work.

Established in 1972, Central Contractors was owned and operated by Luke “Bo” Seignious as an electrical and plumbing contracting company for the Highlands County area. Five years later, Bo focused solely on the electrical scope of Central Contractors due to the growing local economy. Bo’s son, Scott Seignious began working for the company in 1978 at the age of 18. He soon moved to Gainesville, Florida to attend college and work with All Florida Electric Company.

Inspired by the commercial work and armed with more experience, Scott moved back to his hometown of Lake Placid, Florida in 1983 to revitalize the electrical business his father started. By 1987, Scott and his wife Tracy Seignious established the corporation known today as Central Contractors of Highlands County, Inc., or as most people call it: Central Contractors.

Now with nearly twenty employees and thousands of jobs later, the company has a reputation that precedes itself. Central Contractors is always up-to-date on the latest National Electrical Codes and even higher company standards. With a Drug-Free Workplace policy and Company Safety Program, we strive to maintain the good name that has been shaped for over thirty years. Even as the business has grown to include work outside of Highlands County, we continue to guarantee the same standard of quality that we committed to in the beginning– quality that stands the test of time.