Mission & Values

MissionTo generate and implement quality electrical solutions for the good of clients and communities.

missionValues that Direct Our Mission

We strive for excellence in every job, no matter the size. Craftsmanship is never sacrificed for the sake of ease or profit.

We are fair and truthful. We keep our promises and work hard to communicate clearly.



“My dad told me when I first went into business to always be honest. At the time it seemed simple, but over the years, that piece of advice has influenced many aspects of my business. It causes me to question: am I being honest to my customers, suppliers, vendors, employees, local government, and federal government? The list goes on and on. I have always wanted to provide our customers with a quality job at a fair price. I want to treat my customers and employees as I would want to be treated. With God at the center of this, I love my job. The fact is that you can be successful at anything in life with His help and hard work.”
Scott Seignious

We are committed to doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. Electrical wires run behind walls; we work as if they didn’t.

We protect both customers and employees from dangers associated with electrical work by following the National Electrical Code and a set of established company safety policies.